Interactive Quiz for Web Designers

🎨 Interactive Quiz for Web Designers πŸ–₯️
🌐 Attention Web Design and Development Enthusiasts! 🌐

Interactive Quiz for Web Designers

Dive into our #WebDesignQuiz and challenge your knowledge of #HTML5, #CSS3, and #JavaScript! Perfect for all levels of expertise, from budding designers to seasoned developers. πŸš€πŸ’»

Why Take This Quiz?

  • πŸ“š Brush up on your web development fundamentals.
  • 🎨 Explore the latest in responsive design and semantic HTML.
  • πŸ’‘ Test your skills in CSS styling and JavaScript programming.

Topics Include:

  • HTML5 elements and best practices
  • Advanced CSS techniques and Flexbox
  • JavaScript basics, events, and async functions

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Question 1: HTML5 Fundamentals

What element is used to define a header section in an HTML document?

  • A) <header>
  • B) <head>
  • C) <top>
  • D) <heading>

Answer: A) <header>

Question 2: CSS Styling

Which property is used for setting the background color of an element?

  • A) color
  • B) background-color
  • C) bgcolor
  • D) background

Answer: B) background-color

Question 3: JavaScript Basics

Which syntax is correct for writing a JavaScript array?

  • A) var colors = “red”, “green”, “blue”;
  • B) var colors = (1:”red”, 2:”green”, 3:”blue”);
  • C) var colors = [“red”, “green”, “blue”];
  • D) var colors = 1=(“red”), 2=(“green”), 3=(“blue”);

Answer: C) var colors = [“red”, “green”, “blue”];

Question 4: Responsive Design

What is the viewport tag used for in HTML?

  • A) To add a title to the page
  • B) To enable responsiveness on mobile devices
  • C) To link to JavaScript files
  • D) To define the character set of the document

Answer: B) To enable responsiveness on mobile devices

Question 5: CSS Flexbox

Which CSS property aligns items in the center of a flex container’s cross axis?

  • A) align-items: center;
  • B) justify-content: center;
  • C) align-content: center;
  • D) center-items: true;

Answer: A) align-items: center;

Question 6: HTML Semantic Elements

Which element is used to semantically represent a navigation block?

  • A) <navigation>
  • B) <nav>
  • C) <navigate>
  • D) <menu>

Answer: B) <nav>

Question 7: JavaScript Events

Which event is fired when a form is submitted?

  • A) onsubmit
  • B) onload
  • C) onclick
  • D) onchange

Answer: A) onsubmit

Question 8: CSS Positioning

Which CSS property sets an element’s position relative to the viewport?

  • A) position: absolute;
  • B) position: fixed;
  • C) position: relative;
  • D) position: static;

Answer: B) position: fixed;

Question 9: HTML5 Input Types

Which input type is used for a control that lets the user select a file?

  • A) text
  • B) file
  • C) select
  • D) button

Answer: B) file

Question 10: JavaScript Asynchronicity

Which keyword is used to define an asynchronous function?

  • A) async
  • B) await
  • C) defer
  • D) promise

Answer: A) async