Web Design Proficiency Quiz

Web Design Proficiency Quiz 🖥️
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Dive into our #WebDesignQuiz and put your #HTML, #CSS, and #JavaScript knowledge to the ultimate test! Whether you’re brushing up on the basics or diving deeper into advanced concepts, this quiz has something for everyone. 🎓💻

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Featured Areas:

  • Semantic HTML and structure
  • Advanced CSS techniques and Flexbox
  • JavaScript fundamentals and event handling

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Question 1: HTML Basics

What is the purpose of the <div> tag in HTML?

  • A) To create a line break
  • B) To add emphasis to text
  • C) To define a division or section
  • D) To insert images

Answer: C) To define a division or section

Question 2: CSS Styling

Which CSS property is used to change the font size of text?

  • A) font-style
  • B) text-size
  • C) font-size
  • D) text-style

Answer: C) font-size

Question 3: JavaScript Fundamentals

Which operator is used to check both the value and the type?

  • A) ==
  • B) ===
  • C) !=
  • D) !==

Answer: B) ===

Question 4: Responsive Design

What is a media query in CSS?

  • A) A method to store media files
  • B) A feature to query the media type
  • C) A technique to apply CSS rules based on device characteristics
  • D) A query to retrieve media from the database

Answer: C) A technique to apply CSS rules based on device characteristics

Question 5: CSS Box Model

Which part of the box model specifies the space between the border and the content?

  • A) Margin
  • B) Padding
  • C) Border
  • D) Outline

Answer: B) Padding

Question 6: HTML Semantics

Which HTML5 element is used for navigation links?

  • A) <nav>
  • B) <navigation>
  • C) <links>
  • D) <menu>

Answer: A) <nav>

Question 7: JavaScript Arrays

How do you remove the first item from an array in JavaScript?

  • A) array.pop()
  • B) array.push()
  • C) array.shift()
  • D) array.unshift()

Answer: C) array.shift()

Question 8: CSS Flexbox

Which property aligns items in the center of a flex container along the cross axis?

  • A) align-items: center;
  • B) justify-content: center;
  • C) align-content: center;
  • D) justify-items: center;

Answer: A) align-items: center;

Question 9: HTML Structure

Which tag is used to define a header section in an HTML document?

  • A) <header>
  • B) <head>
  • C) <top>
  • D) <section id=”header”>

Answer: A) <header>

Question 10: JavaScript Event Handling

Which event fires when a web page has finished loading?

  • A) onload
  • B) DOMContentLoaded
  • C) documentLoaded
  • D) loaded

Answer: B) DOMContentLoaded

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