Learn Google Apps Script Use a Doc as a template to populate with Sheet data and email as PDF

Learn Google Apps Script Use a Doc as a template to populate with Sheet data and email as PDF

This section covers how to get started with Google Apps Script and how to create common functionality with just a few lines of code.  Create files, select existing files and update them.  Use them within your code.  How to send out emails and add attachments.  Use of blobs to create PDF files, copy and use Docs content in brand new dynamically created Docs.  Explore how to get Google Spreadsheet sheet data, and then use the data from the sheet to populate a Google Doc Template, creating new Docs with the populated content dynamically.   Take those new files and convert them into PDFs, create PDF files dynamically from Doc files and email them to addresses coming from a Spreadsheet.  The upcoming lessons will help you learn more about how to connect the workspace services together to create a fully functional application that can use Sheet data, create files and email files as PDFs.

Explore Google Apps Script – connect the power of Google Services together!

  • Create Documents – Select and Update Existing Google Docs
  • Apply Styling to Documents
  • Copy  a Google Doc to new Locations
  • Get Data from your Spreadsheet and populate a Google Doc with Sheet data
  • Create a Doc as a template 
  • Convert the Doc to a PDF version
  • Using Sheet data and a Doc Template create PDFs and send them to email addresses
  • Send emails and dynamically generated attachments

Learn more about Google Apps Script

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