NodeJS console commands

In Node.js, the console object provides several useful methods for interacting with the terminal. Here are some commonly used console commands in Node.js:

  1. console.log(message): Prints the message to the console.
  2. console.error(message): Prints the error message to the console.
  3. console.warn(message): Prints the warning message to the console.
  4. Prints the informational message to the console.
  5. console.clear(): Clears the console.
  6. console.time(label): Starts a timer with a label.
  7. console.timeEnd(label): Stops the timer with the specified label and prints the elapsed time.
  8. console.trace(message): Prints a stack trace to the console.
  9. console.assert(expression, message): Writes an error message to the console if the provided expression evaluates to false.
  10. console.table(data): Displays tabular data as a table in the console.

These are some of the frequently used console commands in Node.js. You can use them in the terminal to print messages, debug your code, and analyze data during development.

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