How to Set Up GitPages within GitHub quick Git getting started guide local to GitHub files

Git and GitHub Pages Quick Setup GuideGo to and create an account. Then setup a new repository. Click the Green Code button in the drop down menu to get the HTTPS URL for the repo. You will need this to clone the repo to your local machine. Open your editor, I am using … Read more

Laurence Svekis Courses 2022

Learn Google Apps Script Coding Project Examples JavaScript Arrays and Objects Basic Data Structures Google Apps Script WebForm and Fetch Request Exercises Spreadsheet Data query from JavaScript Frontend Code AJAX Google Apps Script Learn Coding Projects Exercises Resources Getting Started with Google Sites Create a WebPage Quickly Google Sheets … Read more

Best Courses Top Deals October 2022

Check out these hot courses, new content and in demand skills for Fall 2022Use the promo code LEARNTODAY22 today, to get the best deal possible! Hurry this is a limited time offer…… Big JavaScript Course JavaScript Projects Games 55 Modern JavaScript DOM Real Projects! AJAX Java Script Projects Apps 55+ Projects Modern JS DOM JavaScript … Read more

New Books coming soon Python and Apps Script

Please stay tuned for several new books that I am launching over the month of October. Coming soon, Python Coding for Beginners will be published on Amazon Kindle Coming soon, Google Apps Script for Workspace Users coming to Amazon Kindle soon As always I will provide free codes when the books launch, subscribe to my … Read more