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Today Only Save 50% on my book/liveProject series and other selected titles @ManningBooks: http://mng.bz/WrEx AI as a Service; From On-Prem to AWS (Four-Project Series); Creating a WhatsApp Notification Service Using AWS Lambda and a Serverless Framework; and Explore the Power of Google Docs are being featured as related titles in the Deal of the Day on November 28th, along … Read more

How to get Sheet Data as a table in Google Docs

Sheet data as table in docSelect all the sheet data range as an array of values Get the values as a nested array of array items. Select the doc and use the appendTable to the body of the document. DocumentApp.openById(DOCID).getBody().appendTable(getValues1()); const SHEETID = ‘1u7vPqjklpmn8ygU’;const DOCID = ‘1yoV_oFO-v7963hhIrY’; function getValues1() {const ss = SpreadsheetApp.openById(SHEETID);const sheet = … Read more

How to connect to a JSON API output results on page using AJAX JavaScript

How to connect to a JSON API output results on page using AJAX JavaScriptIn this example we connect to the Star Wars API at https://swapi.dev/The API returns results that are within an array format, then using JavaScript loop through the results array and output either the title or the name that is being returned into … Read more

Math Quiz Maker Free Addon for Docs Have FUN

Keep your kids busy with Math Quizzes, Free addon for Google Docs create fun Math quizzes, even adults test your knowledge. https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/math_quiz_maker/708278458140?hl=en-CA Simple Add on to Generate Random Math Questions within you Google Docs. You select the number of questions, the values of the numbers and the operators you want in the questions. Magically creates … Read more

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How to Set Up GitPages within GitHub quick Git getting started guide local to GitHub files

Git and GitHub Pages Quick Setup GuideGo to https://github.com/ and create an account. Then setup a new repository. Click the Green Code button in the drop down menu to get the HTTPS URL for the repo. You will need this to clone the repo to your local machine. Open your editor, I am using https://code.visualstudio.com/ … Read more

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