Mastering JSON and JavaScript for Web Development Quiz and Exercises Included Free PDF Guide

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) for JavaScript Learners JSON is a lightweight data interchange format that is easy for humans to read and write and easy for machines to parse and generate. It is often used to transmit data between a server and web application, as well as for configuration files. Key Characteristics: Data Format: Data … Read more

Elevate Your JavaScript Skills DOM Element Selection as Objects

Elevate Your JavaScript Skills DOM Element Selection as Objects Selecting Elements as Objects: Learn how to use the Document Object Model (DOM) to access and manipulate HTML elements. Understand methods like getElementById, getElementsByClassName, getElementsByTagName, querySelector, and querySelectorAll. Manipulating Element Content: Explore techniques to change text content, create and append new elements dynamically, and remove elements … Read more

BC DevFest 2023 by Google Developer Groups Burnaby

BC DevFest 2023 by Google Developer Groups Burnaby hashtag#devfest hashtag#devfest2023 hashtag#gdg hashtag#gde hashtag#workspace hashtag#appscript Thank you for having me as a speaker at devfest 2023 in BC On November 25th 2023

Mastering JavaScript: Selecting Page Elements Free PDF guide Learn JavaScript Quiz and Exercises

Mastering JavaScript: Selecting Page Elements Selecting page elements in JavaScript is a fundamental skill that allows you to interact with and manipulate the content of a webpage. To select elements, you can use various methods provided by the Document Object Model (DOM). The DOM represents the structure of a document as a tree of objects, … Read more

JavaScript Hoisting: Understanding the Elevator of Declarations

Ever wondered why you can use a variable or call a function before it’s declared in your code? That’s hoisting in action!  1. Variable Hoisting: Variables declared with var are hoisted to the top of their scope during the compilation phase. However, only the declaration is hoisted, not the initialization. So, if you try to … Read more

encodeURI and decode URI JavaScript Coding Examples Exercises and Quiz questions Learn JavaScript

Mastering URI Handling in JavaScript: EncodeURI() and DecodeURI()  Let’s explore two essential functions in JavaScript – encodeURI() and decodeURI(). Understanding these functions is crucial when dealing with Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) such as URLs. 1. encodeURI() – Safeguarding Your URIs: encodeURI() is a handy function that ensures proper formatting and safety when dealing with entire … Read more

DevFest Saskatoon 2023 Speaker Laurence Svekis

November 19th 2023, I was invited to be a speaker at DEvFest Saskatoon, over 120+ attendees! More DevFests are still coming up, Find a DevFest near you Thanks again for the opportunity Here is a copy of my presetnation

Mastering JavaScript: Nested Functions and Closures

🚀 Mastering JavaScript: Nested Functions and Closures 🚀 Are you ready to deepen your understanding of JavaScript’s core concepts? Let’s explore the world of nested functions and closures – powerful features that enhance modularity and encapsulation in your code. Here’s a brief overview: 1. Nested Functions: By defining functions within other functions, you create a … Read more

Elevate Your JavaScript Skills with Arrow Functions!

Arrow functions are a concise way to write anonymous function expressions in JavaScript. They were introduced in ECMAScript 6 (ES6) and provide a more compact syntax compared to traditional function expressions. Arrow functions are especially useful for short, one-off functions and for situations where a concise syntax improves code readability. Here’s the basic syntax of … Read more

Pre Black Friday Udemy Course Coupon Deals 2023 Best price possible Web Dev courses and Apps Script courses Plus more

Use the promo code NOVA2023 on my courses for the next 4 days to get the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE!!! This is the biggest sale ever. 4.3 Stars – 42 hrs HD video content Modern Web Design Beginners HTML CSS JavaScript 25+ Projects Google Apps Script Learn Coding Projects Exercises Resources 13+hrs Video Content … Read more

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