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Web Design Mastery Challenge
Quiz: Web Design Mastery Challenge

🌐 Web Designers & Developers, It’s Quiz Time! 🌐

#WebDesigners, #Developers, and #CodingEnthusiasts, get ready to test your skills with our latest quiz on #HTML, #CSS, and #JavaScript. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, this is a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and refresh your knowledge. πŸš€πŸ’‘

Why Participate?

  • 🧠 Brush up on essential web design and development concepts.
  • πŸ“ˆ Identify your strengths and areas for growth.
  • 🀝 Connect with peers and compare scores.

Featured Topics:

  • Basics of web structure and styling
  • Interactive and dynamic content creation
  • Responsive design and accessibility best practices

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Question 1: The Foundation of Web Pages

What does HTML stand for?

  • A) Hyper Text Markup Language
  • B) High Tech Markup Language
  • C) Hyperlinking Text Management Language
  • D) Hyper Tool Multi Language

Answer: A) Hyper Text Markup Language

Question 2: Styling Web Pages

Which CSS property is used to set the font size?

  • A) font-style
  • B) text-size
  • C) font-size
  • D) text-style

Answer: C) font-size

Question 3: Making Web Pages Interactive

What is the correct syntax to output “Hello World” in JavaScript?

  • A) echo(“Hello World”);
  • B) print(“Hello World”);
  • C) console.log(“Hello World”);
  • D) alert(“Hello World”);

Answer: C) console.log(“Hello World”);

Question 4: Structuring Content

Which HTML tag is used to define an image?

  • A) <img>
  • B) <image>
  • C) <pic>
  • D) <src>

Answer: A) <img>

Question 5: Enhancing Layouts

In CSS, what property is used for specifying the space between elements?

  • A) margin
  • B) padding
  • C) border
  • D) spacing

Answer: A) margin

Question 6: Scripting Logic

Which operator is used to assign a value to a variable in JavaScript?

  • A) =
  • B) ==
  • C) ===
  • D) :=

Answer: A) =

Question 7: Organizing Content

Which HTML element is best for grouping together related elements?

  • A) <group>
  • B) <div>
  • C) <section>
  • D) <block>

Answer: B) <div>

Question 8: Responsive Design

What does CSS property display: flex; do?

  • A) Makes elements flexible
  • B) Aligns items horizontally
  • C) Creates a flex container
  • D) Adjusts the flex direction

Answer: C) Creates a flex container

Question 9: Accessibility in Web Design

Which attribute is important for making web images accessible?

  • A) src
  • B) alt
  • C) title
  • D) description

Answer: B) alt

Question 10: Dynamic Content

How do you declare a function in JavaScript?

  • A) function myFunc() {}
  • B) var myFunc = function() {};
  • C) let myFunc = function() {};
  • D) A) and B) are correct

Answer: D) A) and B) are correct