Web Design Essentials Quiz

Web Design Essentials Quiz
πŸš€ Challenge Alert for Web Designers & Developers! πŸš€

Web Design Essentials Quiz

πŸš€ Challenge Alert for Web Designers & Developers! πŸš€

Dive into our latest #WebDesignQuiz and test your knowledge on #HTML, #CSS, and #JavaScript. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, this quiz is a great way to see where you stand and sharpen your skills. πŸ’»βœ¨

Why Take Our Quiz?

  • 🧠 Refresh your web design and development fundamentals.
  • πŸ“š Learn something new or reinforce your existing knowledge.
  • 🌐 Engage with the #TechCommunity and share your insights.

Topics Covered:

  • HTML elements and semantics
  • CSS styling, positioning, and the box model
  • JavaScript basics, arrays, and functions

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Question 1: HTML Syntax

What does the <header> tag typically contain?

  • A) Paragraph text
  • B) Navigation links, logos, and header content
  • C) Footer information
  • D) Form elements

Answer: B) Navigation links, logos, and header content

Question 2: CSS Display Property

Which display value creates a block-level flex container?

  • A) block
  • B) flex
  • C) inline
  • D) inline-flex

Answer: B) flex

Question 3: JavaScript Variables

Which declaration is NOT correct in JavaScript?

  • A) var name = ‘Web Designer’;
  • B) let age = 30;
  • C) const title = ‘Developer’;
  • D) int id = 1;

Answer: D) int id = 1; (JavaScript does not use the int keyword for declaring variables.)

Question 4: HTML Forms

Which input type defines a dropdown selection list?

  • A) text
  • B) select
  • C) dropdown
  • D) list

Answer: B) select (Note: The <select> tag defines the dropdown, not the input type, but this is a common way to phrase the concept in quizzes.)

Question 5: CSS Positioning

Which position value does NOT take an element out of the normal document flow?

  • A) absolute
  • B) fixed
  • C) relative
  • D) static

Answer: D) static

Question 6: JavaScript Arrays

How do you remove the last element from an array named items?

  • A) items.pop();
  • B) items.push();
  • C) items.shift();
  • D) items.remove();

Answer: A) items.pop();

Question 7: CSS Selectors

Which selector matches an element based on its id attribute?

  • A) .
  • B) #
  • C) :
  • D) @

Answer: B) #

Question 8: HTML Semantic Tags

Which tag is used to define a section in a document?

  • A) <section>
  • B) <div>
  • C) <span>
  • D) <segment>

Answer: A) <section>

Question 9: CSS Box Model

What does the CSS box model NOT include?

  • A) Margin
  • B) Padding
  • C) Border
  • D) Opacity

Answer: D) Opacity

Question 10: JavaScript Functions

What keyword is used to define a function in JavaScript?

  • A) function
  • B) method
  • C) procedure
  • D) action

Answer: A) function