Your Linkedin Profile as a Resume Updated and dynamic Online Resume

Stand out to visitors make a good impression.

An opportunity to make your profile memorable to visitors.

Personal touch to help you connect with others.

Also Linkedin Learning – directly share your certificates to your profile. Send updates out to your network.

Experience section should list professional experience. Overview like a resume. Will be looked at by anyone who wants to learn more about you. Keep it short and informative.

Highlight what you did at the job, specific highlights and skills used. Achievement professionally.

Provides your experience and work history. Projects you have worked on and scope of work you have done.

Highlight your values – milestones, recognition you received, show your best assets.

KeyWords – Have relevant keywords in your niche, same as you would do with a resume. Helps get you found!!

Add your relevant skills You can add up to 50 skills on your LinkedIn profile.

Great for others when viewing to endorse you

Reaffirm your skills with the skill Quiz

Endorse others to encourage mutual endorsements. Go through your network and find others that you feel comfortable endorsing. Also you can ask others for endorsements.

Different than recommendations.

Keep skills up to date and relevant – remove and clean up as needed.

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New course with all new content – resources and tips to extend your Linkedin Profile reach and learn more about what you can do on Linkedin

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