Linkedin Tips for Profile Picture How to make a Good Impression on Linkedin

Make a Good First Impression

More views, more visitors more interest with a picture of yourself.

Increase views, and engagement with your profile. Get noticed.

Profile picture has public visibly

More connection requests if you have a profile picture

At least 60+% of the image should be your face. The further the image the less it stands out. Should be shoulders and above so your face is as centered as possible so it fits nicely in the frame.

Be professional what you would typically wear to work.

Looks like you!

High resolution image avoid blurred images

Have only yourself – avoid selfie type shots if possible.

Pose should be as natural as possible.

Do not have distractive background leave the wilder backgrounds to your banner image.

Have the right expression, depends on the message you want to convey. More serious to more easy going. Smile as this presents you as more approachable.

Lighting should be soft and natural try to avoid bright glare and things that might distract from your face.

Upload an appropriate, high-quality headshot.

  • Good lighting
  • Face clear
  • Face forward

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